These stamp, produced by using high quality material, such as TPR, silicone, rubber, wooden, semi-precious stone, ox horn, ABS, acrylic, steel, brass, eco-friendly and do not irritate the skin, safe for kids or adult to play with. Common stamp will first touch on many stamp-pad ink stamping again, don't be stained with stamp-pad ink, stamping after the plane will concave-convex called alphanumeric steel stamp. These stamp are divided into photosensitive stamp, Back to the ink stamp, Penetration stamp, alphanumeric steel stamp. Among them, the photosensitive stamp is the use of laser printing, direct sun on the sensitive material, again into the user shall use, imprinting is stable and suitable for Pattern Stamp, Cartoon Stamp, signature stamp, can repeat oil stamping using tens of thousands of times, also is a kind of free ink pad more durable stamp, so apply to use bigger stamp. Photosensitive stamp green, pollution-free, easy to use, can avoid inkpad restrictions, but more practical. Back to the ink stamp is a kind of solid ink stamp frame with built-in ink pad, when use stamp automatic inversion and automatically cover the stamp pad, is a kind of high quality and high grade stamp. Imprinting effect is clear, stable structure, strong and durable, convenient to put stamp-pad ink replaceable ink pad, Its convenient and durable, deeply like Banks, hospitals, and other window units. Penetration stamp is their own user, easy to use, can be used repeatedly refill stamp-pad ink. applies to various departments, such as the special invoice stamp, special stamp for contract, special stamp for business, Special seal for customs declaration and other work in chapter shall, not apply to the bank signature or stamp. alphanumeric steel stamp made of high-quality steel, Cold extrusion molding. Suitable for tanning leather of alphanumeric stamping. Clear handwriting and pattern, beautiful, good safety, the surface of the lacquer that bake rust, moderate hardness, Conform to the standard of steel stamp material. If the steel stamp material is too hard, have no toughness, brittle, security is not in conformity with the requirements, if it is too soft, it will Not stamp work., and not durable. The head is high temperature quenching, wear resistant and durable. Many specifications, such as3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm,8mm,10mm,12.5mmetc., wide selection, tools matching it's more convenient. ABS plastic box packaging, beautiful and durable, not easy to lose.



1. Name: stamps.

2. Size: As your requirement.

3. Material: high quality material, such as TPR, silicone, rubber, wooden, semi-precious stone, ox horn, ABS, acrylic, steel, brass, eco-friendly and do not irritate the skin, safe for kids or adult to play with.

4. Color: Transparent or colored or metallic color.

5. Design: ODM, OEM, Design Service Offered and Buyer Label Offered are welcomed.

6. Function: These stamps are an easy way to add inked images and alphanumeric to paper and tanning leather crafting projects. make it easy to get the image exactly how and where you want it.

7. Price: Competitive price.

8. Washing: Can be used with the back, wash with water or wet towel to wipe, do not use corrosive solvent to clean.

9. Use: Ideal for adding distinctive stamped embellishments to handmade cards, scrapbook. pages or other paper craft projects. Everyone has their own idea and design, the adult and child are both like DIY products.

10. Service: We have professional artwork team, just tell us what you want, we will make it come true.

11. Quality: we ensure every piece you buy from us will be perfect without any broken. We inspected all the products before and after packing to make sure every product is totally OK.

12. Style: Stylish, Nickle free, Lead free, Customized style is available.

13. Packing: Customized packing is accepted.

14. Shipping Port: Ningbo or Shanghai.

15. Shipping Method: By Courier, Air cargo and Sea.

16. Sample time: 7-10 days.

17. Shipping time: 20-30 days after confirmation.

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